Shanghai is a very lively, interesting, saturated and pleasant town. It is one of the best cities that I have visited. In this time lapse video I used the footage from two visits to Shanghai in 2014. The first is Chinese New Year… hi Raskalov on the Shanghai tower) It was a trip to China together with dimid vimeo.com/user1232595, During our ten-day trip to Shanghai we met with our friends from “Union of Timelapse China” vimeo.com/timelapsechina, and also visited several roofs with Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov. During the second visit to Shanghai in the summer I continued to explore the city, and of course the roofs, at the same day with a time lapse photographer from Nanjing warrior_lmd vimeo.com/user36346657! The city is an incredibly huge, and I’m sorry for showing you only its center because I had a little time.. There are delightful road junctions and bridges in Shanghai, you can enjoy them in this video. I do like this gorgeous city and I hope that I will be able to visit it again and again!


Ali R 2个月前
As a Pakistani born American citizen I love China and one day I will visit Shanghai.


Артур Хабибуллин 1个月前
Respect from Russia)


Lukas Krahe 4个月前
Greetings from Germany ! :)


Pranav Kohli 2个月前
china is just amazing .just love it
greetings from india !


Dan Lee 4个月前
The best city in the world. Second to none.


Chris Christie 3小时前
it doesn’t matter, china is polluted, crowded, food poisoned, water contaminated, social non-cohesion rampant, cronycapitalism and state dictatorship dominant, and personal freedom restricted. The only good thing come out of china is its cheap labor, but even that is fast diminishing, but then again, who gives a fuck about china. It can rot and continue to rot all it wants, nobody gives a shit really.
Alex Mercer 45分钟前(修改过)
Morons like you who don’t matter don’t need to give your useless shit or a fuck. Your leaders, businesses, companies and half the people around you do, and you’ll buy and use their stuff anyway. They have enough social cohesion to be developing economically (whether you hate that or not) and build cities and projects faster than losers can moan online while their own crony capitalists fail to improve their infrastructure.

Alex Mercer 45分钟前

Lou M 3个月前
Beautiful video. Hope to visit in 2016.


Kun Yu 3个月前


ill take taiwan and hk. shanghai can look good at night, but it’s not clean.


SuperKillerdreams 5个月前
I’m 100% polish but I was always obsessed with finding out which city today is the most futuristic looking city in the world, and Shanghai If I’m correct is #1, I think it even beats Tokyo cuz that’s my #2 fave city of all time, but shanghais skyline at night is just drop dead amazing, it’s so amazing to think that there so fast paced and that if u wanna see a futuristic city that looks like it came straight outa like a Japanese anime movie or just a normal science fiction movie look at Shanghai! 😎😱😭😍💯🔝


tianyi jiang 1个月前
good video. hope more western people can know a real china, because a lot of they think china still is a old china hahaha :)


Cris Haruki 3个月前
OMG!!!!!!! I just loveeed this video!!! its just perfect….everything, images and the song! This place is amazinggg <3 my dream is someday can go to Shanghai ~~~~


Veronika Haidukevich 1个月前
I am in love with Shanghai!! the city of luxury, contrasts and brightness!



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