ali karomi
I’m from Malaysia. Make China great forever.


China builds for the world, US bombs the world.


Wong Poh Chan
The U.S. is continuously looking into how to contain China, spending on arms, etc. while China is doing its best to develop and build infrastructure to develop and build up its economy to overtake the U.S. and therefrom to continue to grow even further.. Small wonder the U.S. is going to be left further behind going forward.


Rahul Menon
awsome.. great respect for these achievement.greetings from India.


Monrovia Monrovia
The sleeping Giant is Awake…The next Century diffidently belong to China. Let’s all hope.China can step up to this Huge Responsibility of Being a world ?? Super Power.


Jaffar Ali
I am indian I like china

我是印度人 我喜欢中国

China is leaded by engineers, they’re good at making things done. Other countries which are leaded by lawyers are good at argument.


Haider Ali
I am from Bangladesh. China has been a major development partner for more than two decades. With Chinese soft loan Bangladesh made tremendous progress in building Highways and Bridges, improved Railway links, built some big power stations and still building, our military is formidable with the Chinese assistance. Thank you China for all the things you have done for us and still continuing doing so. Long live Chiana- Bangladesh friendship.

我来自孟加拉。中国和我们已经成为超过20年的主要合作伙伴了。有了中国的软贷款(1. 利率低于市场水平的贷款。2. 跨国开发银行及世界银行向发展中国家提供的贷款。软贷款除偿还时间表比一般银行贷款长、利率较低之外,还设有宽限期,在这段期间,只需支付利率或服务费),孟加拉国在高速路和桥梁建设上取得了巨大的进步,改善了铁路连接系统,还建造了一些打能源站点和坚固的建筑,并且我们的军事力量十分崇敬中国的帮助。谢谢你中国,为我们所做的一切而且在一直持续地做。愿中国和孟加拉国地友谊长存。

Sum dum channel
This Chanel is awsome keep making vids.


Huang ZB
China is building whereas America is destorying the world…war after war


rnjn thakur
i m from india…but we should appreciate china…they are growing very fast…and we should not fight for a piece of land ..we should work together for overtaking western countries


I have to agree with the posts from our Chinese friends here. America spends too much on wars and bs. We spent trillions on Iraq War; we could have used that money on improving many infrastructures here. China spent very little and stole trillions dollars worth of petroleum by building that man-made island, you see how smart those commies are? And the engineering projects they have done are simply amazing. Did you even know that there are more mileage of freeways in China now than USA.This proves that all that America BS about democracy is just BS; democracy is not required to create a strong economy. I congrat China on a job well done.


Nitesh Dahat
Great… Chinese do everything we indians are inspired by china. how Chinese work very hardly and fastly.yes we have some major problems between INDIA and CHINA.but they still doing well in future.. fingers


Robert Jiang
China is an amazing country , leading the world on the right track.


Кунг-Фу Падла
u see how nice can be in country, when for corruption is death penalty.


George Fortune
The only things that stop China from being the Greatest is when Chinese stop learning, Be proud to be Chinese and help the world a peaceful to live.


FS 集团
Thanks to foreign media, let me know how many countries news media on China’s biases, thank you, will only make me more hard to learn computer technology, in order to serve the country, completely change this bias.





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