a xiduo1 个月前(修改过)
1.New York——the capital of today”s world(1945—2025) 2. Shanghai——the capital of tomorrow”s world(2025—>>>) 3. London——the capital of yesterday”s world(1840—1945)

1。纽约–今天的世界之城(1945-2025)2上海–未来的世界之城(2025 – > > >)3。伦敦–以前世界之城(1840-1945)

Davidson Vincent1周前
Shanghai is the finest!


Leo Li1 个月前
Shanghai is future


JZ VR3周前(修改过)
1.Shanghai 2. New York 3. London (Don’t really know why it’s there it barely even has a skyline.)


Josh Chyo3周前
Telling a joke: Taiwan No.1



中國臺灣省1 个月前
shanghai is tomorrow!


Not sure about another things, but Shanghai is the safest city, the only one u can walk around alone at midnight!


Chen Zhiming4周前
Shanghai shits on all the other cities, crime is minimal, people are respectful, has futuristic and old world charm, safe place, mixture of tourists and natives. It has it all.


Coyote Liu3周前
Shanghai No.1


Michael Chen2周前
Shanghai was an international city in the 1930s


Isaac Detherage1 个月前(修改过)
Personally I think that the American suburbs would be more appealing to live in. Like the huge nice suburban neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Last Vegas, etc. It’s just that American homes are much nicer, larger, and more spacious. Australia is very similar to America. European and Asian home are SMALL though. SMALL, expensive, and crowded.


zadike jice1周前
Even though I’m a Chinese,I get to say that NY looks better. And we will work harder to catch up with NY. This video shock me that USA is still the NO.1 power,and how the Great Britain became history


David Kim Sanchez1 个月前
1)london 2)shanghai 3)New york


Hu Jiaming1周前
1. New York—-Crime capital of the world (Wall street, 911, bombs in time square, ISIS terrorists, etc. and a Trump tower of course) 2. London—-Terrorist capital of the world (Terror attacks one after another after another and non stop, with big cuts in police funding……, cannot continue to imagine more ) 3. Shang Hai—-Probable capital of the prosperous future (Minimal crimes, guarded by brutal Communist Paramilitary forces, massive in numbers, most advanced equipped in the world, and most reliable in skills and self anti-corruption which all western countries have none. Of course, backed by the first and still running maglev trains, brand new skyscrapers, world’s first class ship building companies, most reliable infrastructure in the world, most big and small businesses in the whole China, healthiest food in the world and best health care in the world, and friendly people, permanent ban on private owned guns, and on and on. Clearly only morons do not agree that Shanghai is the best among 3 cities.)

1。纽约——世界犯罪之都(华尔街,911事件,时代广场爆炸案,ISIS 的恐怖分子等与Trump Tower 。伦敦——世界恐怖主义之都(恐怖攻击一个接一个,以及大的削减在警察基金……,不能继续想象接下来有什么)。3上海-可能未来最繁荣的都市(最小的罪行,被残酷的残酷共产党准军事力量守卫,配备最先进的大规模武器,和拥有西方没有的信赖技能和自我反腐败。还有磁悬浮列车,全新的skyscrapers,世界一流的建筑公司的船,她拥有最可靠的基础设施,整个中国的大小企业,世界上最健康的食品和世界上最好的医疗保健,永久禁止私人拥有枪支,等等,很明确的是,上海是世界上排名前三的城市。

David Lang3 天前
I was born in Shanghai and I have visited NYC and London over the years. Shanghai has an exciting skyline, NYC is iconic and London is less about skyline and better experienced at street level (although there are some striking new buildings like the Shard and of course old classics like St Paul’s and Big Ben). Shanghai has obliterated much of its past especially the human-scaled neighborhoods with their tree-lined streets and mix of architecture in its rush to modernity. But it’s a really safe city to live in while NYC sometimes makes me a little nervous when I’m out on the streets. London has great neighborhoods and I love walking everywhere or riding the underground. Which will be the city of the twenty first century? It’s more than just about skylines and we are in a very dynamic period in history so perhaps it’s just a little too early to tell.


fea hhh1 天前
Shanghai is new, New York and London are old cities, they all have their own speciality.





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