epSos.de2 个月前
China did invest their money into infrastructure, waste management and proper sanitation. It was a smart move. If you travel in India or Africa, then you will go on a very different adventure.


Dino1 个月前
epSos.de China is the 2nd biggest economy what countries are you comparing with?


iñigo montoya1 个月前
india is actually a great comparation dude,big economy,and FULL of people, what better example can you have?、


@iñigo montoya India’s infrastructure sucks compared to China and even though the economic projections say that India will come near or cross China by 2060 so will India’s population (in fact India is pretty much neck and neck right now) … the biggest difference though is that India is mind paralyzingly diverse … India is more diverse than continental Europe both ethnically, culturally, and from a relegious standpoint … This is a good thing cause on a social level it makes people more empathetic and socially calibrated which is why Indians can integrate almost anywhere in the world and are very good in business which requires people skills … but on the flip side India’s diversity makes India much less unified than China which is probably the largest ethnically homogeneous body of people this means people in India will and do find it much more difficult to work together and have the habit of shirking their social duties … It’s not my problem its those other people kind of thinking which leads to lack of unification which leads to India’s lack of cleanliness and other similar problems


hidemyinfo2 个月前
it is really funny about that chinese toilet thing. I used to go camping in California, we would dig a hole on the group, do our business there, and bury it. And may sure it is not close to water. My friend actually bought a aluminum shovel for that because he feel the plastic one isn’t reliable enough and may break.


Damián Fossi2 个月前
Shenzhen is awesome, been there two times. Shenzhen Electronics Market (Huaqiangbei) is really amazing and huge.


David Horseman1 个月前
I lived in 深圳 for a long time(still have these two characters in my laptop, just simply paste them here lol). A beautiful city with modern architectures, highly developed traffic systems(especially the tubes, super cheap and convenient) and lovely people there, they treat foreign-face surprisingly friendly. Also impressed by the colourful culture apart from the language thing XD. But still million times better than>>>just gonna say where I live now.


Joe Mel1 个月前
i think China don’t mind some of the “West” websites as much as they hate the Hip-Hop Rap millennial cultures. Who can blame them for that, i personally dislike the new cultural hip hop music, fashion, accessories, languages, thoughts, messages and so on.


Jiaxi Yuan1周前
i’m surprised to see the numbers of people dont like this video….must be who hate china and click in to check out this video by its name and then realised what she saying is not what they wanted to hear


Kaysha2 个月前
China is the future


KenanQHD2 个月前
Great video. I came to China 3 years ago. At first, I thought I would never go to China; it seemed like a strange and horrible place. I had plans to move to Korea because I saw it as much better. Now, I don’t even want to go back to Canada haha. I love living here and you are right: it is so different from what you “thought” China would be like. This is such a comfortable country to live in!





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