Indyan Monkey 1周前
China does not have the technology to provide facility for “hanging seats” outside the train.


Babar Ali 8个月前
I could see those indian keyboard behind the screen warriors @5:38 LoL


Ting Hu 3个月前
Why on earth we are hearing these whites misrepresenting each to the other?


Fyfhfr 1088 3周前
USD $6 to travel 2000 km on an train! That’s very cheap. I take a cab from the supermarket to my house which is 500 m away costs me USD $5!


Chinu Master 8个月前
India and china is the oldest civilization on this planet … living with peace ..
Other countries invaded and slow down ..
both countries are emerging with pace and will sooner replace the economy of the world as it was in OLD time..


casinzhong 6个月前
The economic development decides which train is most suitable for each country. Let’s look forward, India need high speed railway too in next 10 years. Just like people who became rich willing to spend more money to save journey time(economic sense, still save money as he can earn more by saved time)

经济的发展决定了用什么样的火车, 让我们共同期待吧,印度在未来的10年是需要高铁。就像是富人一样愿意去支付更多的钱来节省路上的时间(有经济意义的,节省时间就等于赚的更多)

Ciao chef Lev 5个月前
The Western media always want to agitate between China and India.
As Chinese, I always respect the Indian civilisation,culture,because India had great influence on Chinese religion,culture in the ancient time 


Jaden shi 1年前
india is full of shit , i will never go again . everywhere people cheat u . . . Make me feel like all indians r cheap .


NoisyBoy 1年前
late 2014, after India’s election. Chinese President visited india. India invited China to help India with its old rail infrastructure. China has accepted it. and it sees India as an investment destination for its companies for contracts($200 billion) expected to be spent. so its profitable for China and India both financialy . 100% FDI( except operations) in railways has been approved and it will help India in rebooting its rail infrastructure. India lagged behind because of lack of political will to take the hard steps needed for reform. but now the reality is both govt are working together. its only trolls who are bickering about this. 


Rajesh Singh 1年前
We Indian loves our Chinese brothers because I see Chinese people very friendly towards India !!!
Thanks to our Chinese brothers for being peaceful towards India !!!


I like India,boss will not blame me if i were two hours late at work, China, no! Boss will kill me if i were late by 10 minutes… due to different transportation systems!


Chaitanya Kayandepatil 1年前
Yeah..India is behind..but we will surely lead in coming future..
Though we lack modernisation, but we are happy.
No need to compare with any country if the people are happy with the situation although a lot needs to be improved, still we are happy with the trains, the tracks and the services !!
– ChaitanyaKP..Indian Train Lover..!! :-*


heDark Nite 1年前
India or China? Hmm, which country to get your transport technology from LOL!
India just compares so badly with China in every category. Same population. Pathetic!!!


lnpkural 1年前
Today India is behind, but tomorrow India will be ahead. There is no doubt.


ravi8490 1年前
Good for China. Not that hard to get things done when there is no democracy. Credit to them for growing so quickly, but India will get there too eventually. Don’t forget they started 20yrs after China so obviously they’re behind China. 


Anarta Roy 1年前
All western propaganda against india….. U know why?? Because india has never allowed the bulk of the foreign inside the country. We are a democracy. And each and every democracy develops slower than an autocracy. In china all land is govt owned. They never face influx of refugees from neighbouring nations but india does. And really …. You did not even the advanced trains that run in india rt nw. We indians take the west specially CNN and their cunt indian employees as a joke. One day US and the world would see…


Anshuman Tripathy 1年前
Guys you seriously can’t compare India China in economic terms…Chinese are far ahead of us.

India is a democracy of a billion people which slows down the progress considerably because of tremendous bureaucratic red tape.

Meanwhile China is a dictatorship headed by the communist party which doesn’t have to compensate farmers for grabbing their land etc so it can do whatever it wants whenever it wants in the country.

It will take India another 20 years to reach China’s level now…India will grow slowly but surely…While the Chinese economy would have burnt out by then :)

印度20年后会有中国现在的水平….印度增长缓慢 ….但是中国的经济会在那时开始炎热殆尽

PinkLittleSunflower 1年前
Is that dangerous? A lot of people just standing at the door with the hand on something. That’s really crazy.





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